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Quick Guide to Finding The Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Finding the best upright vacuum cleaner for your home isn’t always as simple a task as it might sound at first. With all these fancy looking models flaunting long lists of features, you can easily think you are spoilt for choice. Yet, you can easily cut through the hype with a simple 4 factor selection criteria:

  • Basic functionality
  • Human factors; or Ergonomics
  • Convenience
  • Accessories

Let’s look at each one in detail.

Basic Functionality Required

Many times, you can be roped into buying incredible features you actually don’t need. Think about what you intend to use the vacuum for and where you will be using it. While upright vacuums are usually good for all floor types, they vary significantly on efficiency, and they do not make the best vacuums for hardwood floors.

If you have pets that often shed a lot of hair, or carpets that gather dust pretty quickly; suction power should be top priority. The more suction power you have, the better you can pick up the finest hairs and dirt particles for a more thorough cleaning. Single motor vacuums are generally less powerful than their dual motor counterparts, so that’s something to keep in mind.


You must consider user friendliness or human factors of the vacuum. Vacuum cleaning your home can be your main objective; but you also need to be safety conscious and comfortable while doing it. That’s paramount in your choice of vacuum.

  • Air Filter – If you or your family are prone to allergies, a high end air filtering system should be basic. Though bagless upright vacuums are more popular, their bagged counterparts offer better air filtration . They do not expose you to the collected dirt and allergens during use or while emptying.
  • Weight – You should look out for one that’s as light as possible; particularly if you are often need to carry it upstairs. And while you at that, check for one whose height you can adjust to your preference.
  • Noise Level – Lastly, you don’t want your vacuum to be noisier than your diesel truck; find one that makes the least noise. If you can’t test this out before buying, the motor’s wattage is usually a good indicator. The higher it is, the noisier it is likely to be. But it’s better to be safe and just check out some user reviews on it first before buying.


One thing you never want is to experience inconvenience caused by your latest purchase. It doesn’t fit in your available storage space; or the power cord isn’t long enough to reach the opposite end of the room. So look out for features that offer more convenience during use.

When vacuuming, there are usually tight spaces that the cleaner may not reach in it’s upright position. You will want one which conveniently tilts to your preferred angle for maximum reach. Other features to consider for convenience are the electric cord length and retractable cord for easy storage.


These can sometimes spell the difference between an ordinary vacuum and a great one you’ll love to use. Vacuuming jobs around the house can get surprisingly unique, especially if you have pets or kids that cause all sorts of messes. You will need as many attachments and accessories as you can get to be ready for such eventualities!

Whether you pick the bagged or bagless upright model, you need to consider availability and ongoing cost of filters and/or disposable bags. Some bagless vacuums have replaceable filters while others have washable and reusable ones. Those are factors you’ll want to consider for the longevity of your vacuum.

So, finding the best upright vacuum isn’t just about taking the best priced unit, or one that has the most features. It is a process guided by personal preference; and determined by your basic purpose, its user-friendliness, ease of use and available extras. The upright vacuum that satisfies you on all these factors will be the best one for you.

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