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Roomba 780 Review

Here we are going to review the Roomba 780 Vacuum cleaning Robot which is a premium offering from iRobot. If you want to take a look at our #1 pick then check out our review of the Roomba 770.

The 780 is considered a top end product using the dirt detect series 2 technology which drives the robot to perform totally focused cleaning in the worst areas of dirt and does not rest until it vacuums the whole room thoroughly.

It gives you the controls at your finger tips with its elegant state-of-the-art feather touch buttons.

The special feature exclusive to this premium model bin full indicator which tells you when to empty.

Some special features of the Roomba 780 :

  • Room-to-Room Navigation : The included virtual wall lighthouses restrict the robot to one room at a time till it completes the cleaning process in that room.  After one room is cleaned thoroughly then it allows the robot to move to the next room.
  • On-board Scheduling: You can schedule the robot for upto seven cleaning sessions in a row for a week’s cleaning and will work even when you are away on a vacation.
  • Long lasting battery: This Roomba vacuum is equipped with sophisticated power management software which gives the battery 50% extended life compared to the older versions. This gives you hundreds of more cleaning sessions.

Now let’s look at the pros & cons:


  • Effective cleaning
  • Ability to clean under furnitures
  • Covers the entire room
  • Cleans thoroughly
  • Hassle free operation
  • Big debris bin
  • Long cycle times
  • Pet friendly
  • Pet hair of all kinds
  • Programmable


  • Can get stuck sometimes requiring physical intervention
  • Frequent cleaning required
  • Does not clean stairs
  • Can get a little noisy at times

Some of the best areas of usage include carpeted floors, hardwood floors, tiled floors, large rooms, multiple rooms, removal of pet hairs…

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