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How to Remove and Clean up Pet Hair

Owning a pet has never been this fun. Pets offer invaluable company whether you are at home relaxing, at the park resting or jogging around the block.

They also help keep you safe by alerting you when intruders are in your home, chase away potential threats as well as help you remain stress free.

Having said all that, pets are also notorious for leaving hair all around your home which when left unattended to can have significant health implications as well as make your house look untidy. So, how can I easily remove pet hair from my home?

Here are 4 great tips on how to deal with this problem on any home surface and on the pet itself:

1. On the Pet Itself

Vacuuming Dog HairWhat’s the point of removing pet hair on other surfaces without first dealing with the actual source of this problem? This is because pets will continue to shed hair even after cleaning these surfaces which can be frustrating for first time pet owners.

Ensure that you frequently wash your pet using an appropriate pet hair brush. Secondly, when the shedding season is on, use a comb or FURminator to remove any shedding. A quick tip for those planning on getting pets is that they should consult widely on the best pet to buy since some species are known to shed fur more than other pet species.

2. On the Floors

Floors come in a rich number of ways making it difficult to pin point a sole all round solution to removing hair on them. Hardwood floors for example are widely known dust and hair magnets. Some ways of removing hair on hardwood floors include applying elementary electrostatic physics such as using charged rubber gloves or balloons to attract hair particles. This method however, is not practical if the floor surface is large. The best option would be to use dry electrostatic or microfiber mops.

Carpeted floors are hardest to clean since fur is fond sticking in between the layers of the carpet. Your best option in this case would be to gently rub a pumice stone until the hair gathers up or use a hard tiny hard bristle brush. Some vacuum cleaners are designed for pet hair and have a good track record of removing stubborn hair on carpets.

3. On Furniture

Pets are fond of your furniture and its hard not to understand why especially when they are warm and comfortable to lay on. In the end, this affair between your pet and your furniture usually leaves a rather depressing state to your furniture due to the piles of hair accumulated.

Just like in wooden floors, wooden furniture can easily be removed by applying electrostatic cleaning methods. Sofas made of fabric material on the other hand require gentle scrubbing using a soft brush if you are to stand any chance of removing all that pesky hair.

4. On Clothes

There is nothing as worse as walking in to the office or in to the store and discovering that every one is staring at you because you have something stuck on your clothes! Pet hair easily clings to any surface and since your pet is always around you, chances of its hair clinging on to your clothes is inevitable. Introducing lint remover. Simply spend a few seconds consulting the services of your lint remover and you will be good to go. Optionally, you can place your clothes in a dryer with a dryer sheet and wait for about 10 or so minutes.

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