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Best Vacuum For Pet Hair at Home

Charlie was a cocker spaniel that was given to me by my favorite cousin. He was the sweetest best friend ever, always tagging along even I was just going to the bathroom. While I appreciate an adoring male attention, cleaning up all the pet hair was a chore. He was the reason why I bought the best pet vacuum that I could afford.

Below was the guide I used for finding the perfect one for me:

Area To Be Cleaned

BISSELL Pet Hair VacuumSome owners train their pets not to enter certain areas of the house, thereby confining the mess. I did not have the heart to restrict Charlie’s movements around the house.

I had to look for a vacuum cleaner that could clean all types of surfaces – from upholstery (he loved curling up in the sofa), to rugs and carpets, to wood flooring – my house had them all. However, since Charlie had long hair and shed a lot, I needed more than just a hardwood floor vacuum, it needed to have a very powerful suction, too.

Evaluate the area that needs to be cleaned and pick the one appropriate for each one.


This was a pickle for me. I wanted a lot of power, but I also needed something that was very portable. Weight is an issue with me because of my bad back. Full-sized vacuum cleaners would give me the power I need, but they were also a bit unwieldy. After a lot of searching, I settled on a powerful handheld vacuum that was designed for dealing with pet hair. I had to get the corded vacuum even though I wanted the cordless one because the latter would lose power once the battery ran low.


During summer months, Charlie would shed like crazy. I would collect mounds of pet hair then. The capacity of the portable handheld vacuum was tested to its limits during these times. If your pet is like Charlie and you dislike stopping every now and then to empty the dirt bag, I suggest you get one with large capacity.

Additional Tools

If you want to optimize your vacuum cleaner’s pet cleaning abilities, get one with extras. I would sometimes see Charlie’s hair stuck on the carpet or the crevices in the wood floors. I use the revolving brush to pull them out. I have used the nozzle tool most when reaching the crevices in the sofa. Charlie has managed to surprise me several times with the amount of hair that he sheds, and the nozzle makes sure that I get rid of all of them.


Charlie has since gone to heaven, and now we have a Labrador. They don’t shed as much as cocker spaniels. My point is that every pet is different. With Charlie, I needed a specialized pet vacuum because his hair flew everywhere in the house. Plato, on the other hand, dislikes the rug and the sofa, and likes the cool tile floors. My regular vacuum cleaner takes care of his mess. Don’t buy anything you know what your needs are. Let your pet settle in the house first, know his routine, and then decide what to get. You will save a lot of money.

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