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Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Review

Here we will be reviewing the Neato XV-21 and we recommend this as our #2 robotic vacuum cleaner. If you want to take a look at our #1 pick then check out our review of the Roomba 770.

This is a fantastic automatic vacuum cleaner and is a cheaper version of the Roomba 770. Only thing that differentiates between the two is that the Roomba is more reliable one.

Let’s have a look at the important features:

  • Powerful cleaning system specially designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers
  • High performance vacuum removes all kinds of dirt and cleans all floors: carpets, rugs, hardwood, laminates, tile, and stone.
  • Schedule automatic cleanings while you’re away via simple user interface.
  • Automatically returns to charging base when vacuuming is concluded.

You can also check out a review of Roomba 650 if you are looking for something a little more reliable.

The XV-21 is a powerful versatile cleaner which can work on different surfaces like carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl and keep them exceptionally clean.

An intelligent vacuum cleaner can be set up to clean your home daily. It will scan your room and will clean effectively using the back and forth motion as much as required. It uses a special bristled brush and can remove tough pet hair, dander and fibers with it’s special filter which can retain 3 times more dust than standard filters.

The Neato XV-21 brings you the next generation intelligence RPS (Room Positioning Sensing) technology which does a periodic mapping of your room and knows where to do the cleaning avoiding obstacles.

A very cool feature is the batteries starts charging wirelessly.

One thing you should take care is to allow plenty of room between the bas and any obstacles. Even though the manual says 3 feet, ideally 5 feet has been found to work better.

Another problem you can face is when the Robot get’s stuck and is not able to find it’s way you need to intervene. If left unnoticed for a couple of hours it can drain the battery and it will forget how much of cleaning it has completed.


Despite a few minor issues the Neato VX-21 is value for money and we highly recommend that you pick up this product. If you want to get started quickly with your robotic vacuum cleaning this is worth taking a look.

If you are interested and want to buy the neato VX-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner the best price we could find is at and they have a combo deal when you also pick up the filter pack and Boundary markers.

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