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Neato XV-11 Review

For those who are looking for a break from the cleaning routine, the Neato XV-11 offers just that. This technologically advanced piece of machinery is not only effective, but is also attractive.

The vacuum robot features modern lines and a sleek silhouette as well as an up to date color scheme. Not only does it look great, but it is able to clean even the most difficult floor plans.

Saves Your Time

The Neato XV-11 vacuum was designed to save a homeowner time, and it certainly does this. The Neato is able to automatically clean floors; this even includes the hard to reach places that traditional vacuums struggle with such as corners and under furniture. Another time saving feature that this device includes is the scheduled automatic cleanings. The interface on the device will easily allow you to program the vacuum for use when you are away from the home. This is one of the great features that this device has and others lack. It’s wonderful to come home to spotless floors.

If there are places that you would like the vacuum to not enter, there are several things that can be done. The door to the room you desire to leave uncleaned can simply be closed. This will prevent it from entering. Another option is using a black magnetic strip in front of the room. This will inform the Neato not to enter the designated space.

Robotic Vacuum Features

  • Saves you time by automatically vacuuming entire floor under furniture and right into the corners.
  • Avoids bumping into walls and furniture using laser based positioning system which prevents any damage.
  • Powerful vacuum that removes all kinds of loose dirt and dust.
  • Cleans all floor surfaces including: carpets, rugs, hardwood, laminate, tile and stone flooring.
  • Schedule floors to be cleaned while you’re out of the house through easy programming interface.
  • Automatically docks with base unit to recharge battery.

Great For All Floors

For those who are worried about the vacuum damaging walls or chipping paint, there is no reason for concern. The XV-11 features an innovative laser guidance system which allows the device to avoid bumping into and damaging walls or furniture. It is able to clean and remove dirt from a wide variety of surfaces. Tile, wood, carpet, laminate and stone are all easily cleaned by the Neato. This device can easily transition from one floor type to another. There is no need to change the settings based on the flooring material like some vacuums.

Docks To Recharge

The battery life  depends on the specific usage. The average life is anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. When the battery life is depleted, it will automatically return itself to the charging station. If it is scheduled to clean while you’re away, the vacuum will return to cleaning after it has been fully charged. While the battery life is adequate, there is room for improvement which would allow for even more efficient cleaning. When it is running, it has a moderate noise level.

Great Suction Power

One of the best features is the suction power. For a small device, this packs a lot of punch. It is able to clean floors and remove dust and debris just as well as a traditional upright vacuum. When it is full, the dust bin is easy to remove, empty and replace so you are able to continue cleaning. While the dust bin is simple to remove and empty, this does have to be done somewhat often after the vacuum has been used. While this may be an inconvenience for some, it also demonstrates the Neato’s cleaning power.

Easily Removes Unwanted Pet Hair

The brush mechanism on this device is wonderful at tackling the task of pet hair. It easily cleans up the pet hair and the brush does not get clogged and tangled like other vacuums. The Neato features a soft rubber cleaning system instead of traditional bristle brushes. This allows for the device to avoid clogs from pet hair and other debris while cleaning. If needed, these brushes are also very easy to clean.

The Neato XV-11 robotic floor cleaning system features a clear LCD screen which makes it easy to program and use the vacuum. This is also a useful feature for troubleshooting. This device will clearly display any error messages. This makes it simple for you to fix it and continue cleaning. This is also a technological upgrade from other robot vacuums that only feature a blinking light if something is wrong. If there are any issues with the machine, customer service is easily accessible and is based within the United States.


Overall, this robot device performs very well. The brush system is innovative and avoids clogs and it is easy to use and operate with the LCD screen. The greatest feature of the Neato XV-11 is the fact that it will save a great deal of time and will also eliminate some of the hassle of the cleaning routine.

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