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iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series Review

The iRobot Roomba 562 pet series vacuum robot promises to clean up all of the messes that pet owners face on a daily basis. From pet hair to kitty litter to loose dirt and debris, the Roomba 562 can tackle it all. Simply turn it on and let it go; it takes all of the hassle out of ridding your home of pet dust and dander. Try the Pet Series 562 once and you’ll be hooked!

Before Using It

Before you turn on your vacuum, it’s suggested that you Roomba proof your room. Pick up anything on the floor that your Roomba will bump into or not be able to go over. When it bumps into something it will change direction; not picking things up off of the floor may cause some areas of the room to be missed. There’s no need to worry about steps because the unit can sense them and not tip over the edge.

Do You Have Black Carpets?

It should be noted that if you have black carpets, or rugs with black edges, the Roomba will not clean them. It senses the color black as a cliff and heads in the other direction. You can’t solve this problem if your entire carpet is black but you can cover the edges of your area rug with white tape or paper. Your unit will be tricked into rolling onto the rug and giving it a thorough cleaning.

Cleans Up To 4 Rooms on One Charge

This robotic vacuum claims to be able to clean four full rooms before it needs to dock itself and recharge but, to do this, you need to set up virtual walls. Allowing it to run around your room without setting up virtual walls, you may find that it leaves some areas not fully cleaned. If you plan on using the vacuum every day this may not be a problem, but if you set it to only clean heavily trafficked areas you’ll find that you get a better clean. Small rooms are cleaned superbly but cleaning large rooms seems to be a bit taxing on the 562. If you want to clean your whole house, or various rooms, plan on purchasing lighthouses which guide it from room to room. Without these, you’ll find you need to set up virtual walls to get your floors really clean.


Many users worry that their Roomba will disturb, or even frighten, their pets. This isn’t the case as the iRobot 562 is exceptionally quiet. People who have pets that are fearful of traditional vacuums need not worry, the 562 is nowhere near as loud as canister vacuums. The scheduling feature of the machine allows you to schedule cleanings for specific days and times, if you wish. By doing this, you can be sure it runs when you’re home if you have pets that are more confident in your presence. For those households with multiple pets, rest assured that the iRobot Roomba 562 can handle the extra burden. With a larger dustbin than other Roombas, cleaning up after more than one animal is a breeze. With all of the benefits of the Roomba, there are bound to be some drawbacks and there are a few.

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