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Hardwood Floor Basic Installation

Installing Hardwood FloorsIf you’ve decided on putting down new hardwood floors, then you’re probably wondering about how to install them and how much a professional installation would cost. Luckily, hardwood flooring installation is not always a difficult task these days as certain products are made to be installed by the homeowner rather than a carpenter. However, if you’re planning on using a high quality wood, or have special circumstances than hiring a professional installer is definitely recommended.

Both imitation hardwood and real wood flooring now comes in sets that allow the consumer to easily install their new floors by themselves. Much like a puzzle (or a piece of IKEA furniture), the boards come with fittings on the sides that allow them to snap together really easily. As long as you have a fairly normal area that you’re using, you should have no problem installing these flooring products.

However, if you are putting flooring down in a large area or in a room with less than rectangular walls, you will definitely want to hire a pro to do the work for you. The main reason this is important is because the boards will have to be cut to shape to fit exactly and to follow the changes in your wall shape. In addition, expensive wood can be damaged from installation and this will keep your inexperienced hands from ruining your new investment.

Professional hardwood installation costs can vary quite dramatically by location and job size. Generally the contractors will give an estimate based on how many hours they expect the job to take. Depending on experience level and cost of living for the area, the contractor’s hour rate could be anywhere from $15 to $100 per hour. Because it may be a more reliable measure, some contractors may derive their estimate from the square footage of the area. The numbers will work out to roughly the same figure, but then he won’t have to worry about his productivity level during the job.

There are some extra tasks that may end up raising the costs dramatically. If the installer has to remove your current flooring and dispose of it or if you want to put down some sort of sound dampening floor covering, this will have to be included in the cost.

Installing your hardwood floors is not an impossible task to do yourself either, although it can be quite daunting for someone without flooring experience. The old saying of measure twice cut once really applies here. Unless you want to end up with a bunch of odd board sizes at the end, you need to measure and plan out how you will cover the entire area before you even begin any cutting or placing.

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