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Evolution Robotics Mint Floor Cleaner Review

The Evolution Robotics Mint Floor Cleaner is primarily for hard floor surfaces, it sweeps and mops but doesn’t vacuum your floor.

This light weight (7.6 pounds, shipping weight) compact cleaner from Evolution Robotics receives rave reviews from satisfied customers at every turn!

It runs up to three hours on a single charge. It is guided by the North Star Navigation System as it methodically cleans open areas, around furniture, along the room’s perimeter and rugs. The Mint, as it is affectionately called, is small – 8.5 x 9.6 x 3.1 inches – and very quiet, whispering along as it cleans, then turns itself off when it is finished.

The self-operating design sweeps and mops hard surface floors utilizing dry and pre-moistened disposable cleaning cloths, or the reusable microfiber cleaning cloths. It is economical since the cleaning cloths can be brands other than Mint’s.

Perfect For Hard Floors

Satisfied customers have cleaned various types of flooring such as tile floors, hard wood floors, vinyl, and linoleum/Congoleum. Dry sweeping mode picks up dust, dirt and hair. Numerous pet-owner customers especially like the Mint floor cleaner for picking up pet hair, because the hair is picked up, not blown around.

The Mint starts by cleaning open areas, moving methodically back and forth across the floor. One comment heard over and over is, “It cleans ‘clean’ floors.” People are delighted with the way it maps out irregular shaped rooms and avoids furniture and on-floor items. Mint detects and cleans around furniture and other obstacles as it comes to them. It even avoids staircases and does not ride up on raised floor areas. The  “Grand Finale” is the cleaning sweep it does around the perimeter of the room, then around the edges of furniture, rugs, tables, islands.

Mint does not go like a house afire, but goes fast enough to be very thorough and efficient as it reaches every spot on the floor in the room. Although this robot vacuum is whisper quiet, it is a bumper robot. It “maps” the room, as it learns by bumping into things.

Mops Hard Floors With Ease

The wet pads intended for use with this vacuum works well and stays damp for a long time. Customer response has claimed the floor is actually drier behind the Mint than by cleaning the floor by hand.

Although other brands of washing cloths can be used by the Mint, the results may be disappointing. Some cloths leave a sticky residue that must be rinsed off with water and a small amount of dishwashing detergent and/or vinegar. Mint washing cloths work best. If the cloth becomes dry in use, a little water or cleaning solution dripped randomly on the floor will allow the Mint to stay moist and continue to do its job.

Should your floor be heavily soiled, it is best to hand-clean it before setting it to work. Also, since Mint does not vacuum, you must pick up larger debris. That way Mint can best maintain the floors. Besides, the washing battery life is a little less than sweeping battery life. Therefore, it would be more efficient and cost effective to do a little pre-cleaning of extremely dirty areas.


There are a few cons that customers have mentioned, but most of the individuals claim the benefits outweigh the cons:

  • When the Mint cleans an oversized room, its cleaning cloth may get too dirty, too quickly. So, if you change the cloth in mid-cleaning cycle for this reason, or any reason, the programming forgets where it left off. After being re-engaged, Mint starts all over again – going over the same area it has already cleaned.
  • Some customers are confused as to the charging port’s location. Some say it must be picked up to plug it in. The proper way to plug in the charger is to set it on end. Still, there are those who firmly believe there was a better approach than having to plug it in manually, such as an automatic charging-base system.
  • Other concerns were about the battery life. This robot vacuum runs out of charge in two to three hours and requires seven to ten hours to recharge. However, each charge is enough to clean a little more than a couple rooms.


  • The Evolution Mint floor cleaner is very low maintenance. It uses most other brands of disposable cloths, microfiber cloths, and wet cloths, in conjunction with the Mint brand of cleaning, dry and wet, cloths.
  • The robot floor cleaner has no dirty, disgusting bins to empty and periodically wash.
  • The cleaner does not have filters that are costly to replace and a nuisance to change.
  • Can be recharged overnight and in use by day.
  • The Mint 4200 unit returns itself to where it started and shuts itself off.
  • It’s ideal for anyone who is unfortunately disabled and find it difficult to hoover and clean around the home.


Overall the Mint robot cleaner is well received from hundreds of consumers, there are a few negative reviews around but you can’t please everyone.

I hope you found this review helpful and wish you all the best in your final robot vacuum selection.

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