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Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaners: The DC35 and DC34

Dyson DC34The Dyson cordless vacuum offers two vacuum models for cleaning convenience: the DC35 multi-color vacuum, and DC34, are both great handheld vacuums, said to spin three times faster than usual electric motors. Both models perform best on low pile carpets and hard surfaces.

Using vacuum cleaner with cord attached to it has many limitations. It prevents someone to vacuum hard to reach areas without making sure an electric socket is available near that area they wish to clean. Also, with cord-vacuum, the possibility of tripping over the cord during vacuum session is high and getting injury while cleaning is not pleasant at all. Therefore, it is more convenient to use a cordless vacuum. Dyson vacuums, especially DC35 offers lots of convenience among other vacuum cleaners. It comes with a motorized floor tool and a wand, which make it much more flexible than other cordless models.

The suction functionality of this Dyson DC35 outperforms other cordless vacuum in the market, whether using it as handheld vacuum or with the long rod attached to it. It is great in removing surface dirt or dust in low pile carpet and performs fairly well on high pile carpets. It can also absorb gravels from door mats and entrances. Proven effective in cleaning kitchen crumbs, bathroom and can be use in removing unpleasant spider webs. This is also a great alternative for sweeping the dining room after every meal. Users who enjoy making crafts find it easier to clean up their mess after, using DC35 model or DC34 because they perform superbly in picking up crafts debris. Thus save them precious time in cleaning.

Although the DC35 can do a lot of cleaning, it is still advisable to have big vacuum for heavy duty cleaning. However, this Dyson vacuum serves very useful for quick-clean-up-sessions on an average home to make it constantly presentable in between general cleanings. As a result, the big vacuum doesn’t have to be used often than it should be. Hence saves time and energy for the users. On that note, this cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for students and senior’s dorm room, sewing rooms or small factory rooms as well as home offices. Using the long rod especially during overhead dusting can be uncomfortable on thumb joint for those who have small hands. Thus, taking a quick break in between cleaning session can ease the discomfort but for those who have big hands there will be no discomfort at all. It is also ideal for people who are always on the go or busy parents because it is easy to use and can do great a job in rush-touch-up cleanings.

The prices of these cordless vacuums are a little expensive compared to other vacuum cleaners in the market. The DC34 handheld vacuum costs around $219.99 while DC35 is around $299.99. However, the performance and functionality of either vacuum is way more competent than others. In addition, Dyson cordless vacuum comes with more versatile and easy to use design and has a two year warranty.

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