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Pet Vacuum

How to Eliminate Pet Hair From Carpeting

Everyone loves pets, but, they can make cleaning a frustrating task because of all the hair that gets stuck on carpets, clothes, and furniture. This article will give you some tips on how to eliminate them from your carpets.


Here’s a list of some tools that can be useful:

  • Pet vacuum – A vacuum that is specifically designed for dealing with pet hair is ideal in this situation.
  • Lint brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponge mob
  • Squeegee
  • Liquid fabric softener
  • Bristle broom


Make sure your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed before using other methods. Vacuuming will considerably reduce the amount of mess making your work easier.

Using the lint brush

Dragging the brush in the specified direction will remove all the hair left after vacuuming. The brush has an arrow that indicates which direction to drag. To remove the hair from the brush, just drag in the opposite direction on a scrap cloth that is disposable.

Using the squeegee

Moving it back and forth will make it loose and form clumps that can be easily picked up. A squeegee with a long handle is better so that you get a good grip.

The rubber gloves

Anything with rubber works well. Put on the cloves and move your hand across the surface. Allow it to become loose and form clumps. Dampening the gloves makes them more efficient.

Using a sponge

Move the sponge gently across. A dump towel works as well. It is recommended to have a sponge or towel for this purpose only to avoid transferring soap and other materials to the carpet.

Cleaning with fabric softener

Mix the softener with water in a 1:3 ratio respectively. Lightly spray the mixture and let it dry, this should not take a long time. The softener loosens the mess and another round of vacuuming eliminates it all.

Rubber bristle broom

Sweeping the carpet with a rubber bristle broom removes the hair and piles it for easier collection.

Other tips and methods

Though a bit unusual, the following tips presented here can really help you out:

  • Spread some baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming.
  • Rolling an inflated balloon across the carpet. The balloon creates a static electricity that pulls the hair out.
  • You can also use a sell tape or masking tape, it will stick on the adhesive part of the tape.
  • Regularly groom your pet to reduce the amount of shedding. Grooming removes hair that is about to be shed.
  • Apply static guard on the carpet. This reduces the amount of hair that gets stuck on it.
  • If you do not have a pet already consider one that does not shed too much, preferably a long haired one. Long haired animals are genetically made to stay with their cover for long thus shed less.

Applying the methods above in the right manner will ensure your carpets stay hair-free.