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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner: How I Made My Choice

I thought robot vacuums was just science fiction, until I saw an episode in NCIS where McGee was spooked by one. It was a light bulb moment for me – a tool that will operate even when I am not around! I have got to have it!

With my and my husband’s busy schedule, we need someone to help us with the cleaning.

When I checked online, there were many models to choose from. So how did I choose the best robot vacuum for my family?

Right Fit For The House

Automatic Robot Vacuum CleanerWas a robot vacuum something I needed or just something I wanted? I admit, I’m addicted to high-tech toys, and this certainly qualified as one. But novelty aside, a robotic vacuum can be programmed to clean the house when we are away or while sleep. It knows when it is running out of batteries and will go back to its charging station and recharge. Once done, it remembers where it left off and continue from there.

Cleaning my hardwood floors is a bit of a daily habit for me. I already have a good hardwood floor vacuum at home, but with an automated vacuum, it actually gives me extra time to do other household chores (like fold the clothes – I wish there was a robot for this!). But if you would rather oversee the cleaning yourself, this is not the vacuum cleaner for you.


It may be something I want, but is it something we can afford? This was definitely an iffy conversation with my husband. I had already made a case for owning several types of vacuum cleaners, and my husband was doubtful that I needed another type. Lucky for me, there is a robot vacuum for every budget, ranging from $100-1000.

Remember though, that cheaper robot vacuums have less capabilities. So know what you need and what you can afford before you buy one.


I also had to consider the specifications that I needed. There’s a reason why some are so cheap – it’s because their specifications are limited. My house is not large, but it’s also not small. There are 2 stories, so I got one that can detect stairs and turn around. I program it to work at night while we sleep, and then I bring it down in the morning so that it can cover the ground floor during the day. I also made sure that it can detect dirt very well.

Of course, I chose a model that had a scheduler so that it can work while the whole family was out. I found one that was in my price range.


Not to belittle foreign-made robot vacuums, but they usually have limited support in mainland USA. I made sure that there was nearby support for my robot vacuum. Don’t focus on the price. You may be able to save a few hundreds now, but if it’s broken, you may have to spend more for repair or possibly replacement.

Most of us live fast-paced lives with little time for doing household chores. With a robot vacuum, you can have a clean house and still have time to do the more important things in life. Owning one is highly recommended.

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